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Think Beyond
Managing Devices

Esper is the industry’s most powerful platform for Android device deployment and application management.

Why Esper?

Intelligent platform to deploy and
monitor your device fleet
Powerful tools to install and
diagnose applications
A Platform you can trust
Intelligent platform to deploy and monitor your device fleet
Experience a rich and intuitive platform to manage applications and devices. Get real time alerts on device health and security. Remotely manage and track your devices like never before!
Powerful tools to install and diagnose applications
Be agile in developing and deploying your business apps. Take complete control of your devices, OS updates and security through Esper’s tools.
A Platform you can Trust
Backed by rigorous testing, Esper’s robust platform ensures your devices and apps are secure at all times. Our best in class customer service allows you to focus on what matters most - your business!

Our Partners

Our Partners

Future of Device Deployment.
See how it works.

Device Configuration and Deployment
Choose how you want to configure and deploy your devices. Esper provides a range of super simple options to deploy company‑owned devices at scale.
Learn how Bobly deploys and manages their devices across the US ->
Application Management
Save time and effort by automating application deployments and updates. Esper helps you manage and control your applications seamlessly with no user intervention.
Device Analytics and Alerts
Detect deviations and anomalies on your devices and get actionable insights and alerts. Esper ensures your business operations continue to run efficiently at all times.

What Customers Say

"Esper makes it easy to fix things on the fly. It has increased our efficiency, and reduced cost by 30% by preventing unnecessary site visits. Esper came to our rescue when we were up against an impossible deadline. We couldn’t have asked for a better group of professionals to step in when it was most needed. Our team was very impressed by the knowledge, support, and communications offered by Esper.”
Kim Hindsgaul
Founder, Bobly








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