We are Esper!

Android developers building applications for Android devices and the IT teams managing them need a platform to efficiently and securely create, deploy, and manage their applications at scale.

Esper is a platform for developers and IT to deploy applications seamlessly and to orchestrate their Android device-based applications across development, deployment, and maintenance. We are focused on developers by taking an API-centric, language-neutral approach. Our tools enable developers to tackle the big challenges of device development such as identifying, debugging, and resolving issues with their apps and devices in the field. And we help IT do more with less. It’s time to move from traditional device management approaches to DevOps oriented Device Orchestration!

Esper streamlines the process for building, deploying, and managing apps on devices for POS, Restaurants, Kiosks, Logistics, and Transportation at scale. But Esper can be applied however you need it for unique device fleet solutions.

We are here for developers and IT - it is in our company DNA.

Esper Leadership


Co-Founder & CEO
Yadhu is our chief geek. He was the architect of Windows CE at Microsoft, ran AWS Hardware Security & Health, and owned Systems Engineering for the innovative Amazon Go store concept. He’s created dedicated device solutions end-to-end and is applying his chops to help Esper customers achieve Device Orchestration in the age of Digital Transformation


Co-Founder & COO
Shiv makes things happen, both at Esper and for our customers. He knows Android inside and out running Android partnerships for Huawei, supplemented by Android open source and device maker relationships leading OEM partnerships at Cyanogen, and Windows Phone device commercialization for Microsoft. He’s ready to help developers move their Android applications to the world of Orchestration.


VP - Engineering
Bhushan expertly spins our engineering plates without a drop, making sure we delight our customers while keeping the software trains running on time overseeing the Esper engineering team. Bhushan’s diverse experience includes stints at Microsoft working on firmware and the early Hololens effort, then at Amazon building real-time video / audio encoding and live-streaming technologies for AWS Elemental Live.


VP - Developer Marketing
Keith runs our marketing effort evangelizing to Android app dedicated device developers the enticing value proposition offered by Esper. Early on he ran product management for a dev tools startup sold to Symantec, and the developer thread continued at Microsoft with MSDN, CryptoAPI, Windows CE / Platform Builder, and Windows Mobile. First programming language -- BASIC on the TRS-80, and shipped code for a PDP-11 at Siemens.