Power your Android edge devices with Esper
If you’re building an Android application for a hardware fleet, you need Esper. Esper provides a simple, safe and secure way for operations, IT, engineering and developer teams to release applications and manage smart Android devices in production. You focus on your customers & your app, we’ll take care of the underlying infrastructure so your hardware just works.
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Student Tablets
Customer Bill Pay
Mobile Point-of-Sale
Electronic Logging Devices
Mobile Store Associates
Interactive Signage
Customer Loyalty Programs
Healthcare Screening

Esper Benefits

Customers worldwide trust Esper’s cloud management tools for Android device deployment, app development, and monitoring.
Seamlessly view, control and debug your devices remotely, taking control of your Android fleet.
Field failures eliminated
Monitor your applications for field failures and get real-time alerts, reducing device downtime and increasing performance.
Reduce Support Costs
Instantly debug, update app and device issues through OTA, removing the need for site visits. 60% OpEx savings compared to alternative solutions.

Across industries, customers rely on our powerful cloud platform to go beyond MDM and achieve business transformation.

Restaurant - Ghost Kitchen
Logistics and Warehouse
Health and Fitness

Why Customers Love Esper

Traditional MDM wasn’t working for our fleet strategy. Esper showed us there is a platform specifically designed for our global scale and dedicated device use case. They also gave us the ability to ship devices right to the customer’s distribution centers with zero configuration needed onsite.
Eduardo Gonzalez
Operations Manager at CloudKitchens
Esper’s Android Device Management Features
Esper was created to provide a seamless approach to the entire single-purpose device lifecycle with a rich set of features for Android deployments like kiosks, mPoS, mobile, tablets, and other single purpose android devices.
App management
Private apps, Google Play apps, schedule app updates
Device management
Device actions, event feeds, device information
Device groups
Group commands, group app installs
GMS-Certified support, AOSP support
Kiosk mode
Granular lock down
Custom reports, device graphs
Custom alerts, rich alerts engine
Auto-lock lost or stolen devices
Esper's DevOps features for advanced Android management
Esper’s Advanced Features for Android Device Management
Managed Android OTA updates*
Seamless, no-touch provisioning
Remote view
Remote control
Hardware qualification support
*For supported devices
How Customers Use Esper
Spanning a wide swath of industries, the world’s most innovative brands trust Esper for their devices. We are a vertical agnostic solution. Across industries, customers rely on our powerful cloud platform to go beyond MDM and achieve business transformation.
Transportation & Logistics
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Esper’s cloud platform for Android DevOps is offered at a transparent, unbeatable price point which is backed by industry-leading options for customer support.
Enterprise pricing for unique fleet requirements, on-site deployment support, and other premium services are available on request.
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