Build Custom Android Virtual Devices

Enterprise Android devices come in various form factors, OS versions and may have a host of unique peripherals. Esper’s Android Virtual Device is an emulator which helps Android developers to test their applications by defining the characteristics of your Android phone, tablet, or other device. It simulates the real device capabilities. You can create as many Virtual Devices as you need, based on the type of device you want to test and the load you need to create on your backend.

Benefits of Custom AVD

Reduce shipping cost of actual hardware by testing them with Esper’s Android Virtual Device
Grow your ISV developer base by providing custom device emulators to kickstart app development instantaneously
Test app-device compatibility right from the development phase using a custom emulator


Support for Application and Device Management

Deploy applications to emulators from the cloud emulating application deployment on virtual devices.

Unique ID for devices

Track application performance and test using unique device ID associated with every virtual device. This helps in tracking every device behaviour easily.

Support for testing peripherals

Emulate peripherals such as printers, card readers and barcode scanners.

Run your own Virtual Device Lab and stress test application instances on Esper