Bring Android to your x86 Device with Esper

Extend the life of vulnerable Windows systems by migrating them to Android. Take advantage of x86 hardware for Retail POS, digital signage, and kiosks with Esper. Enterprises can now use x86 hardware to run Android applications on device fleets using Esper solution.

Extend the life of x86 installed base

Apply x86 horsepower for innovative solutions

Leverage the deep base of x86 hardware

Intuitive Cloud platform to deploy and manage x86 devices

How Can Esper Help Enterprises?

With Windows CE and Windows Embedded rolling to the end-of-life by 2020, enterprises with large installed bases will face a major decision to go with a hardware upgrade, leading to a very high CAPEX or get stuck with legacy systems with poor performance.

Here’s where we come in. Esper’s full-stack approach gives enterprises the ability to run Android on legacy x86 devices without having to replace existing hardware. Our cloud-based platform for Android devices helps enterprises seamlessly build, deploy, and manage purpose-built devices with robust support for diagnosing and debugging devices in the field.

Benefits of Esper on x86 Hardware

Extend Your x86 Installed Base
Extend the life of your Windows-based x86 hardware and increase ROI by migrating them to Android, rather than replacing them due to Windows EOL
Best Hardware Economics
Get the best of both worlds, the economics of the smartphone industry for mobile solutions and the superior price-to-performance of x86 for power-based systems.
Enhanced Security and Management
Secure remote debugging of devices in the field, remote control and remote view, and take advantage of fine-grained fleet control

x86 can now run on Android and here’s how Enterprises will benefit