Esper helps Bobly rapidly deploy
Self Service Kiosk’s

How Esper Helped Bobly Transform the Customer Feedback Experience For A Major Retailer
Bobly has transformed the way customers provide feedback and how stores use that data in the market. This Silicon Valley startup offers in-store kiosks to capture feedback from customers while the experience is top of mind, instead of using cumbersome surveys and meaningless mystery shopper data. The company produces 50x more operational feedback and improves the overall score at review sites which results in a significant rise in-store revenue. Shoppers who use Bobly will never view feedback system the same way again.

Bobly’s software solution is gamified and has made feedback easy and engaging. How? Visitors get coupons when feedback is submitted and stores use this data in real-time to convert their visitors to customers. It’s a win-win for everybody.
Major Challenges Faced By Bobly
Bobly had to deploy their kiosks across multiple retail locations in the US in just three days!
The engineering team tried various device fleet management solutions, but ran into issues at the last minute during provisioning and configuring of their kiosk hardware. Failures like devices frequently going offline, unexpected software crashed was noticed and the team did not understand the root cause because only an error would pop up on the screen. This only meant that it would be a bad experience for customers interacting with the kiosks and that was not an option. What’s more, Bobly had to manually deploy the software and then shipped to multiple locations which resulted in high operational cost.
Requirements From Bobly
Bobly reached out to Esper looking for a device management solution that would create a seamless and secure way to manage their kiosks across multiple major retail stores in the US. Their goals were very straightforward and discussed with the Esper team in-detail.

The company needed to

• Provision and configure their fleet of devices into a single application kiosk
• Manage all devices remotely, including restart during power loss, or debug a crash
• Correlate interactions of a particular kiosk to the Kiosk ID at any point of time
“We simply provisioned our devices on the Esper Dashboard, and Voilà! Everything was implemented and ready to go in a matter of 3 days. Esper gave us a customised solution for our Kiosks. Esper makes it easy to fix things on the fly. It has increased our efficiency, and reduced cost by 30% by preventing unnecessary site visits.

“Esper came to our rescue when we were up against an impossible deadline. We couldn’t have asked for a better group of professionals to step in when it was most needed. Our team was very impressed by the knowledge, support, and communications offered by Esper.”
Kim Hindsgaul
Founder, Bobly
The Esper Solution For Bobly
Esper assisted Bobly by meeting all the requirements and more in just those three days! Esper offered Bobly the following solution.
Zero Touch Provisioning of
Bobly Kiosks
Alerts when Kiosks lose
Remote viewer and remote
control of deployed Kiosks

1. Esper tackled the challenge by rolling out its device management solution and providing seamless and secure “zero-touch” provisioning to all Bobly kiosk devices. This meant, now Bobly could efficiently debug all field failures without painstakingly handling each device onsite.

2. Esper’s device management solution enabled Bobly to correlate interactions happening on a particular kiosk to the Kiosk ID. If data showed that a particular device at the front of the store was not performing well the store manager could determine exactly how to improve the results.

3. What’s more, other issues like a manual restart after a power loss, low battery, bugs in the system, could be easily addressed using Esper’s rich set of remote control features

4. Finally, if Bobly needed to change customer surveys over time, or needed to make changes to the “web app” seamless and securely, no problem! With Esper’s Dashboard, updates on the application can be rolled out to all devices with a click of a button.

Through a quick-hitting strategy, using Esper Enhanced Android, Bobly averted a major crisis. With Esper offering secure and seamless provisioning, remote debugging, and Kiosk ID matching, Bobly’s feedback devices were shipped directly to retail stores, completely equipped and ready to convert visitors into customers!

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