How Esper helped Society Now Effectively Secure and Manage Residential Communities

Society Now is one of the flagship products of T6 Solutions. Based out of Pune, Society Now facilitates efficient and effective management platform for a society (apartments, gated communities, etc) and its related activities such as:
Visitor Verification in
societies & apartments
Permitted access to only
verified delivery executives
Enhanced security for all the residents
by approved- verification of visitors
Society Now simplifies communication between residents by leveraging Society Now app across 50 devices. An alert is sent from the guard station to your Society Now app to notify new visitors, delivery executives waiting to meet them and this process enables the end-user to verify the person and send a notification that will notify the guard if they can allow the visitor to deny them entry.
Challenges Faced
Society Now is built to be the local virtual community hero who tracks visitors, manages to park, allows to book amenities and schedules meetings, all on their application. For this to run smoothly across houses in the society, there needed to be real-time management. Society Now was looking for a solution that can streamline their operations and lockdown devices from misuse from their personnel. And it was critical. The following are the challenges Society Now was facing.

Kiosk Mode: To prevent security guards and other personnel from misusing the devices, Society Now was in need of a solution that locks down devices to their application alone.

App Management: There was a need for managing applications and their different versions and updates, that had to be live on all devices instantly. Since their app was not on Google Play Store, this was a challenge.

Group whitelisting of apps: Enterprise apps that were on Esper Play Store had to be whitelisted to define app state and give respective controls like show, hide or delete for group/groups of devices.

Alerts for Network Issues: Keeping these devices online, running and in good shape was crucial for security concerns and seamless management. To overcome this, Society Now wanted to make sure they are notified if the devices are not connected to the network for more than an hour or guards tampered with the devices.

Data Usage of Devices: Misuse of the devices for non-work related activities like accessing YouTube, Facebook and other apps led to large chunks of unnecessary data consumption that was costing the company and had to be prevented.

Application Deployment to devices: With devices across geographies and different requirements, Society Now wanted a solution that helped them enroll their devices easily on to a dashboard to launch apps and manage them.
Solution Provided:
Society Now tested a few MDM platforms in the market but decided to go with more than MDM capabilities and chose Esper for our:

• Simplified Dashboard - easy to understand and perform functions on the platform

• Easy Onboarding - faster and better solutions like AFW and 6 Tap provisioning method

• End-to-end App Management - allowed multiple app versions, feature to install them to different groups at once

• Customer Support - Esper to date has a proven record for good customer support and we continue it. With Society Now, our team was able to respond to all the queries and issues within a few hours.

1. On Esper, launching applications in kiosk mode was a click of a button and all devices went under lockdown mode to prevent misuse. Users were restricted from using private apps, browsers, streaming sites and any other system settings that was not a necessity. This resulted in longer battery life, seamless and real-time process of issues and alerts from the security team which greatly reflected on the security of these homes.

2. With our unique app management capabilities, Society Now was able to update app versions to specific groups, update OS with Esper OTA, remotely. Specific app versions were whitelisted to specific groups and updated on devices, accordingly. Know more about app management capabilities here.

3. Real-time alerts were set for network issues, device tampering, bug issues, and network usage. Any anomalies will be alerted to the IT admin to take the required action immediately and on the fly.

4. Finally, using Esper AFW or 6 tap provisioning method, enrolling devices to the platform became an easy process. All devices could now be enrolled in just a few steps, with existing templates. This reduced errors and manual work greatly.

And for sure, society was secured.
Excellent Support and Guidance given by the Esper Team! Seamless integration and deployment helped me and my team to Go-live in 2 Days. The key to success for Esper is probably their core Team which keeps on their feet providing regular enhancements and updates to the Product, which is just Amazing!
Karan Oswal
Co-Founder, Society Now

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