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Does Esper support BYOD?

We do not support BYOD scenarios. We do support bringing your own dedicated devices.

Does Esper support iOS devices and/or PC-based systems?

No, we do not. We are not a general device management company. We are hyper-focused on Android-based dedicated devices. That’s what we do!

What does Esper offer for customer support?

We provide free support within reason during the Trial period. After or beyond that we provide paid support plans with the choice of email, telephone, chat, or Zoom.

Where is Esper based?

We are based in Seattle with offices in Silicon Valley. We are ex-Amazon and Microsoft with deep experience in Android, Windows CE, and Windows Phone.

What is Device Orchestration?

Device Orchestration is moving beyond MDM to bring the management of dedicated devices into DevOps. MDM is the antiquated approach to device management established in a pre-cloud computing world. Additionally, MDM does not factor in building and maintaining dedicated device fleets - it appeared to service BYOD. Esper was conceived for the DevOps world with CI/CD - we expose the Esper platform via a set of APIs that can be integrated into Cloud-based backend systems for automating the device management process, hence orchestrating. We also robustly address the app developers’ needs to work with dedicated devices during the early phases of app development and testing using our Android Tools, the SDK, and the CLI.

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