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How Do I Sign Up for Esper?

You share a minimal amount of information and we’ll create a cloud endpoint for your company to run all of your Esper services and get access to the Esper Console. Developers can generate API keys and use them with the APIs, SDK, CLI, and Android Tools.

How long does the Esper Trial last?

Esper doesn’t offer a traditional 30-day trial. Instead, we offer the Esper Starter pricing tier as a permanent option for customers, depending on fleet size Full access to our Android DevOps tools is free forever up to 100 devices. Esper is permanently free up to 100 devices regardless of whether you’re using it for development, evaluation, or commercial deployments. Contact Esper if you have any further questions about Starter pricing, we’d be happy to help.

Can I invite other members of my team to use Esper?

Yes! If you have created an Esper endpoint, you can add additional users via the User Management section of the console. Each user added to your Esper endpoint has access to all the Android onboarding templates created for the endpoint and all the devices provisioned through the endpoint. 

Additionally, each user can create their own set of API Keys, noting all users of the Endpoint will have the same Enterprise ID.

Can I change the name of the Trial Endpoint as I did not use my company’s name?

Unfortunately once the endpoint name is chosen, it can’t be changed. But, let us know and we’ll figure something out.

If I like Esper enough to upgrade to a paid pricing tier, can I convert my starter endpoint or do I need to start with a new endpoint?

You can continue to use your same endpoint if you decide to adopt a paid version of Esper. And, we hope you do end up liking Esper enough to scale beyond 100 devices!

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