Android Zebra Devices

Zebra is a global leader in enterprise Android solutions for data capture and rugged productivity. Android devices by Zebra offer the ultimate user experience with cutting-edge features, unmatched processing power, exceptional scanning, and Rugged IP ratings. Zebra devices can transform workflows in logistics, transportation, healthcare, and countless other industries. Esper has validated Zebra devices for compatibility with our cloud management and deployment tools, so you can deploy with confidence into vertical use cases.
Benefits of Esper Validated Hardware

Industry-Leading Quality

Esper validated devices have passed industry-leading test standards.


Built to integrate with Esper’s cloud deployment and management tools.

Ready to Launch

Available off-the-shelf from leading OEM so you can launch faster.

Secure Kiosk Mode

Deploy single or multi-app Android kiosk mode devices and experiences.
Esper Recommended Devices
Esper Validated Devices are off-the-shelf devices from leading hardware vendors that have been tested by the Esper device team and existing customers for enterprise use cases and reliability. Validated hardware works seamlessly with Esper’s DevOps tools.
Choose the right hardware for your application

Inadequate hardware can restrict the functionality of your system, resulting in a subpar experience and performance. Esper tackles this with:

  • Zero-Touch Provisioning
  • Ready-to-go Secure Remote Debugging
  • Remote View and Remote Control
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