Student Tablets | Tablets for Education and Distance Learning

Mobile technology has incredible potential to transform the K-12 classroom experience. And, in the age of distance learning, Android student tablets with data connectivity can connect socially distanced students to education, instructors, and peers. Android is the ideal platform for student tablets since it’s affordable, flexible, and highly customizable. Locking student tablets to single or multi-app kiosk mode can create secure, productive education experiences that are free of distraction or adult content.
    Esper offers industry-leading options for student tablets at affordable price points, which are validated for integration with our cloud tools. Educators worldwide trust Esper’s cloud console to remotely manage and troubleshoot student tablets. We’ve even helped school districts and non-profits scale to advanced use cases, like creating custom web browser and app access with managed configuration APIs.
    Benefits of Esper Validated Android Student Tablets

    Wide Device Selection

    Including GMS-certified and AOSP hardware and many form factors.

    Leading Hardware Brands

    Broad selection of enhanced and validated devices from top manufacturers.

    Streamlined Provisioning

    Tested for an efficient, consistent customer deployment experience.

    Best-of-Class Security

    Lock devices to Android kiosk mode or other security settings to prevent misuse.
    Esper Recommended Devices
    Esper Validated Devices are off-the-shelf devices from leading hardware vendors that have been tested by the Esper device team and existing customers for enterprise use cases and reliability. Validated hardware works seamlessly with Esper’s DevOps tools.
    Choose the right hardware for your application

    Inadequate hardware can restrict the functionality of your system, resulting in a subpar experience and performance. Esper tackles this with:

    • Zero-Touch Provisioning
    • Ready-to-go Secure Remote Debugging
    • Remote View and Remote Control
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