Kiosks - BigPOS
Android 7.x

Kiosks - BigPOS

BigPOS is a self-service kiosk that is designed for diverse business use. It is mostly used by retailers and restaurants for customer interactions, food orders, feedback among other uses. The device is user-friendly with rich functionalities and customised options. Esper builds customised OS for these devices that align with your business objectives, and helps you secure and manage these devices remotely.


  • 27" FHD Display Kiosk with PCAP Touchscreen

  • Intel® Core™, Pentium®, Celeron® Processors

  • Windows and Android OS Supported

  • Optional Scanner, MSR/SCR, NFC, Printer, Camera

  • Modular Design for Effortless Setup

  • Quick Access to Components for Easy Maintenance

  • Flexible Installation on a Floor, a Wall or a Table

  • Compact, Slim, Elegant

  • Customizable for Individual Business Needs

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