Flexible pricing for companies and developers with device fleets of any size.

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Start deploying and managing your device fleet with Esper for free, with up to 100 devices and 5 users.
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Plans and Pricing
Pick the plan that’s right for your business. Esper offers subscription levels to support device counts from 1 to 10,000,00 so that you can stop worrying about underlying infrastructure and stay focused on creating excellent customer experiences. With deep Android experience from chip to cloud, we’ll be with you every step of the way.
Best for trials. Free forever for fleets of 100 devices or less.
5 Esper user licenses
Remote device management
Application management
App deployment pipelines
Android Studio plugin and SDKs
Analytics reporting
Best for managing medium to large device fleets.
Starting at
10 Esper user licenses
Remote device management
Application management
Device telemetry and alerting
Simple device provisioning
Device geofencing
Best for building, testing, and deploying fleets of any size.
Starting at
10 Esper user licenses
50MB Application storage
Robust pipeline builder
Full API access and SDKs
Dynamic grouping
Flexible fleet configuration
Self-service dashboarding
Best for fleets at scale with unique requirements.
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Additional Premium Esper Features
So, you have huge goals for Android mobility. Luckily, you’re not alone. Esper’s services team can turn your roadmap into reality. Esper’s Premium Features are optional add - ons to our pricing tiers. Start a conversation to learn more.
Esper Enhanced Android
Esper Enhanced Android Devices are shipped with a customized Android OS for performance, faster deployment, and superior debugging. Esper tailors the OS and support capabilities to you use case.
Remote Control
Esper offers easy, fast, and secure features to remotely view, control, and debug devices in production.
Integrate Esper with your identity provider and company-approved user credentials for a streamlined, secure user login experience.
Private Cloud
Esper can provision a private, dedicated cloud in AWS, GCP or Azure to meet even the strictest security and compliance requirements in highly-regulated industries.
Hardware Consulting
Esper's experts can help you evaluate Android device options based on your requirements to recommend the right hardware for your use case.
24x7 Support
Esper offers a dedicated, 24/7 team of customer success engineers to help with questions and fleet performance.
Compare Features
Esper scales with your business needs. Access all of the features that you need now from geofencing to MDM functionality to enhanced enterprise customizations safe in the knowledge that increasingly robust options are available to support your business as it grows. Here are the feature differences between Esper’s Free, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise plans.
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What Kind of Training is Offered?

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We offer custom pricing to meet your innovation goals, including discounted options for a large number of licenses.

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