Test Android Applications on Real Devices

Esper Test Lab is built to help Android Developers. Now you can test your application performance and behavior on a wide variety of real and virtual devices. This ensures your application is compatible with all device configurations and your backend scales easily on a single platform!

On real devices


Applications from Android Studio


Via secure remote adb

Custom Device Emulators

We create custom device emulators (Android Studio AVDs) based on OEM-specific hardware configurations and OS versions. This emulator replicates the end device screen, appearance, input controls, and unique peripherals which helps you visualize the device and verify application behavior. You can also check for bugs, UX performance and validate fixes, if required. ISV vendors and application developers can test their applications on device emulators provisioned to specific deployment configurations and run them either locally or in the cloud across multiple emulated devices for backend load testing.

Benefits Of Using Esper Custom Device Emulators

Eliminate App-to-Device
compatibility issues

Provision your AVD to mirror target hardware provisioning

Streamline process for application
verification and roll-out

Reduce bugs and failures in the field by up to 80%!

Set Up Your Device Lab
Configure a group of target devices in your lab using Esper and then deploy and test applications on them. You can use the Esper command line tools and our Android Studio plugin to deploy the applications and change settings on-the-fly.
Virtual Device Lab
Run instances of custom virtual devices in the cloud to stress test application instances and backend services running on hundreds of devices. Virtual devices are customized to the hardware and OS configuration of target devices.

Run your app on a virtual device to check performance and behavior