Accelerate Your Custom Device Development with Esper and MediaTek

Esper brings its full-stack, industry-leading Android device and application management platform with a complete developer toolchain to MediaTek’s Rich IOT Reference Designs on the road to 5G for your purpose-built devices.
Based on Esper’s market research, over 200 million enterprise-ready Android devices will be deployed in the next 5 years. Enterprises are stuck between non-customizable, off the shelf devices or sourcing custom device from unknown vendors.
The solution? MediaTek offers a customizable Android AOSP with the Esper device cloud platform as a baseline enabling enterprises to validate the use case in a matter of weeks.

Create your Custom Device Solution

Create your custom device solution

Start creating now with Esper and MediaTek

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Time to Market

Reduce time involved in developing customized Hardware using approved SOMs from MediaTek’s hardware partners and accelerate your time to market by using Esper’s cloud solution for managing your application and device deployments. Ship as fast as 3 months from Design to Mass Production.

Scale Device Deployment

Ship your hardware as fast as you can build the application. Using Espers Android platform, remotely set up and deploy your devices, which helps you reduce operations cost drastically.

Enterprise-focused Secure Android ROM

Esper customizes the Android OS to suit the application needs, including in-ROM apps and specific peripheral support. No more spyware from unknown hardware vendors leaking critical enterprise data.

Remote Diagnosis

Manage your device fleet remotely without any hassle using Esper Dev tools. Debug, update and manage all your devices around-the-clock with Esper.

Manufacturing Assistance with MediaTek

Get your applications validated on reference MTK Board using Esper tools. Custom manufacture your hardware from MTK approved contract manufacturers.

MediaTek Rich IOT Platform

MediaTek's Rich IoT program features a series of AI-supported chipset platforms that enable companies to innovate and develop intelligent devices in the market. As the market leader of chips for voice assistant devices (VAD), MediaTek work with the world’s most well-known brands to power intelligent devices. This product helps enterprises, startups, emerging brands and leading OEMs in diverse markets to design a wide range of IoT devices with edge-AI capabilities, new user experiences and addressing new market opportunities.