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Development tools to build, test, and debug Android applications.

Esper Developer
The Android ecosystem has a wide variety of device configurations based on applications and their target hardware. This creates a lot of challenges in operating and managing these applications for Android developers.

Esper’s offering is a tried and tested solution of a comprehensive set of tools for the entire Android application development lifecycle. With our tools you can develop, deploy, debug and manage all your apps and devices from one platform, seamlessly and securely.

Esper Dev Features

Test applications on
real devices

Use Esper Dev to create a private device lab that is representative of your Android device fleet. Easily provision your devices for test.

Automate device and
application deployment

Break the monotony and automate routine tasks by using our APIs & SDKs for application and device management.

Debug applications

Initiate a secure cloud connection for your adb session to debug devices in the field and gather log files using the Esper Android Studio Plugin.

Build a custom application and
device management console

With Esper’s REST-based APIs, you can easily integrate Esper functionality into a new or existing portal or app designed exclusively for your company’s or customer’s use.

Run applications in
Kiosk mode

Learn how to properly create a locked-down version of your app to run in Kiosk mode.

Android OS

Esper integrates Android OS enhancements for seamless deployment of devices and a more controlled and secure ROM image.

Test Android Applications

Esper Test Lab is built to help Android Developers. Now you can test your application's performance and behavior on a wide variety of real and virtual devices. This ensures your application is compatible with all device configurations on one easy platform!

Android Virtual Device

Application developers and Android makers can utilize custom Android Virtual Devices (AVDs) to target purpose built devices using emulation with Esper. This helps in accelerating Android application testing as well as Android updates and patches.

APIs, SDKs, and Tools to build, deploy, and debug apps for dedicated Android devices.

Esper Enhanced Android

Esper Enhanced Android is Android purpose-built for device fleets. It removes unneeded software often seen in consumer Android devices. Overall security is improved while enabling easy provisioning and debugging.
Purpose Built Android with UpdatesStaged Rollout and Rollback of Application Zero-touch Provisioning Esper Virtual Devices for Android StudioSecure Remote ADB App Debugging
  • Zero-touch provisioning with staged app rollout/rollback
  • Secure remote ADB app debugging
  • Esper Virtual Devices for Android Studio
  • Purpose built Android with updates