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The industry’s only platform delivering what developers need across the entire lifecycle of Android device app development. Move from app and device management to developer-led orchestration.

Manage Your Apps and Devices with Python Code

Use the Esper SDK for Python to write scriptlets calling the Esper APIs for rote device and app provisioning routines useful during development, test, and deployment.

Meld App Dev and Device Management in Android Studio

The Esper Plugin for Android Studio lets you live in your dev environment. Use it to upload your apps to Esper, then efficiently test and debug on target devices - including deployed devices remotely located in the field.

Bring Device Management to the Command Line

Deploy and manage your applications on your Android device fleet using fine-grained application rollout policies with automated rules.

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APIs, SDKs, and Tools to build, deploy, and debug apps for Android devices.

Esper APIs
Designed for App and Device Management

Rich API set for app and device management actions. You can even build your own dashboard tailored for your organization’s needs.

Esper SDK
Automate Repetitive App and Device Management Actions

Call the Esper APIs fullstack with the Esper SDK for Python. Additional languages coming soon.

Esper CLI
Maximize Your Developer Productivity

A unified command line interface to the Esper APIs, provided with source code.

Esper Tools for Android Studio
Enjoy a Consistent Development Environment

Extend Android Studio with the Esper Tools providing diagnostics and debugging for field-based devices, Esper app uploader, and AVDs for Esper Enhanced Android.

Esper Console
Giving You More Options

A web portal providing delivering Esper’s extensive app and device management capabilities for developers and admins.

Open Source
See Under the Hood

Esper CLI source code provided for modification, Esper APIs and SDKs source provided for transparency.

Esper Enhanced Android

Esper Enhanced Android is Android purpose built for device fleets. It does not include unneeded software often seen in stock OEM images. It improves overall security, including enabling strongly secure remote debugging of field-based devices using ADB. We maintain security updates driven by the needs of the Android developer instead of being led by the consumer market, and give you control of update rollout.
Esper Enhanced Android also provides Zero-touch provisioning and staged app rollout and rollback for truly efficient deployment at scale, and works seamlessly with the Esper platform. Esper partners with top Android OEMs to support target devices all the way from application development to fleet level deployments. We also provide Esper Virtual Devices - Android Studio AVDs that run Esper Enhanced Android. No more pulling your hair dealing with variances between Marshmallow, Nougat, and Oreo - instead its a consistent Esper Enhanced built for your devices.

Benefits of Esper Enhanced Android

Group 46Created with Sketch.Purpose Built Android with UpdatesStaged Rollout and Rollback of Application Zero-touch Provisioning Esper Virtual Devices for Android StudioSecure Remote ADB App Debugging
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  • Zero-touch provisioning with staged app rollout/rollback
  • Secure remote ADB app debugging
  • Esper Virtual Devices for Android Studio
  • Purpose built Android with updates

Esper Virtual Device


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