Pick the right hardware for your application

At Esper, we believe the entire device stack from the hardware to the operating system should be customized based on the target use case or application, also known as Application Specific Hardware. Building applications for target sectors such as retail, hospitality, and restaurants may be clear, but selecting the right target device is not easy. Software companies are typically not equipped to analyze device specifications, firmware quality or hardware performance. Esper has partnered with leading Android hardware vendors offering customers a wide range of validated hardware that can be customized at a deeper level based on application requirements.

Benefits Of Using Esper Enhanced Hardware

  • OS customization
  • Streamlined OS updates and patches
  • Improved performance
  • Increased security
  • Remote debugging
  • Continuous support and maintenance

Esper Enhanced Android Devices

Esper Enhanced Android Devices are devices that are shipped with a customized Android OS for enterprise devices delivering improved performance, faster deployement, and superior debugging. Esper tailors the OS to your specific needs, including in-ROM apps and specific peripheral support.

Esper Validated Android Devices

Esper Validated Devices are off-the-shelf devices from leading hardware vendors that have been validated by the Esper device team and existing customers for enterprise use cases and reliability. Devices work seamlessly with Esper-based enterprise solutions.

Esper Enhanced Devices Key Benefits

Customizable Android OS

Get exactly the Android OS image needed for your use case, including in-ROM apps. No more bloatware using up storage, processing, and data.

Easy Deployment

Zero-touch provisioning, secure remote debugging, ready-to-go remote control and view. Reduce unneeded travel for SEs and devs.

Wide Device Selection

We offer a wide variety of devices with various form factors such as phones, tablets, POS, Kiosks, and more.

Always Up-to-Date

No more waiting for late updates and patches for your device fleet - we take care of it.

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Work with a scalable OS to tailor fit on your hardware. Learn about Esper Enhanced Android.