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Esper Enhanced
Android Devices

Esper Enhanced Android Devices are shipped with a customized Android OS for performance, faster deployment, and superior debugging. Esper tailors the OS to the specific needs of purpose-built device creators, including in-ROM apps and peripheral support.
Benefits of Using Esper Enhanced Hardware
  • OS customization
  • Seamless Updates & Patching
  • Improved performance
  • Increased security
  • No-Touch Provisioning
  • Device Telemetry
  • Remote Debugging
  • Full DevOps Infrastructure

Features Of Esper Enhanced Android Devices

Customizable Android OS

Tailor your Android OS image to your use case.

No-Touch Deployment

Secure, remote provisioning, deployment, & debugging.

Wide Device Selection

Available on GMS-certified and AOSP hardware with many form factors.

Always Up-to-Date

Quarterly, managed firmware over-the-air (FOTA) updates.

Secure OS

Built to prevent kernel-level exploits & privilege escalation.


Insight into stability, security, telemetry & intelligent alerts.

Developer Tools

Complete Android DevOps Tools & source code visibility.

Consistent Setup

Supported setup for ADP, Serial Number & MAC Addresses.

Esper Enhanced Android Devices

Esper Validated Devices

Esper Validated Devices are off-the-shelf devices from leading hardware vendors that have been validated by the Esper device team and existing customers for enterprise use cases and reliability. Devices work seamlessly with Esper-based enterprise solutions.

Scale and deploy your Android devices on the field like never before!