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A complete range of compliance-friendly, secure telehealth solutions.

Medical device innovation is driving industry transformation by improving access to care and lowering patient costs. Android telehealth is changing the world, one patient at a time by redefining quality-of-life and care outcomes.

Speed and Product Quality Matter

Healthcare innovators compete on speed-to-market. You have to move fast and provide regulators with proof of quality management at every stage of the product life cycle.

Esper can help you transform your Android health device idea to production-ready deployment in a matter of days. We handle hardware selection, validation, and deployment, so you can focus on a bulletproof regulatory strategy.

Streamline the Android telehealth Product Lifecycle

Security by design and default is mandatory for telehealth. Esper offers a complete toolchain for Android healthcare devices so you can build compliance, security, and control into every part of the product life cycle.

Esper is a Smarter Approach to Medical Device Quality

Android telemedicine devices are designed to collect and share patient data. HIPAA and regulatory agencies require a strict set of security and controls to guard PHI. Esper Enhanced Android is a secure foundation that’s built into the chipset of our telehealth devices via industry partnerships. Esper’s complete Android lifecycle solution for development and mobility management can connect seamlessly to your existing devices.

We’re Startup-Friendly

One Platform for Android Healthcare IoT

Esper is a single platform for your telehealth engineering team to manage your Android mobile devices in any environment, from your test lab to the hospital or a telemedicine patient’s home.

Seamless No-Touch Deployment

Esper’s seamless, no-touch provisioning significantly improves the speed of deploying devices in a healthcare organization or a patient’s home. When devices are powered on, they automatically load up your configurations, compliance policies, and application experiences.

Protect Patient Data and Outcomes

Esper offers a complete approach to protecting your telemedicine solution, from hardware to firmware and apps to help you meet the security requirements of the US FDA, EU MDR, ISO 13485 and other frameworks.

Leading healthcare innovation clients trust Esper

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Esper is committed to changing Android telehealth security and product design, one device at a time.

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