The First Full-Stack Software Solution for the Kiosk Industry

Esper Manage provides an Android-based Kiosk management solution to dynamically lock down devices in Kiosk mode that defends against all security threats.

Esper Manage Kiosk Management Solution

In the last year the Interactive Kiosk market has grown by 17.6% according to the second annual Kiosk Market Census Report. This means customers are responding to interactive kiosks as a means to talk to brands creating endless opportunities for companies and visionaries to deploy Kiosks across all major business verticals from education, healthcare, retail, to finance.

This is where Esper comes in!

We have just the perfect solution for you. Esper Manage provides the Industry’s first full-stack solution for Kiosks. Dynamically lock down your kiosks and significantly improve operational efficiency and performance. A powerful platform to suit all your needs!


Zero-touch Enrollment

Esper cloud supports QR code and NFC based enrollment.

Remote Support

Esper cloud supports remote viewing and full control of devices deployed in the field.

Application Lockdown

Esper cloud allows only admin-approved applications to be installed on the device.

Device Monitoring

Individual device telemetry graphs such as Battery, Memory, Connectivity are available on a per device basis

Device Health Assessment

Esper supports basic device commands such as reboot, ping, and erase to enable enterprises to manage their device fleet more effectively.


Esper cloud generates critical alerts when devices have security risks, if they go offline, or when the battery is in critical condition.

Device Security State Assessment

Esper accesses OS, hardware, and bootloader conditions to generate a complete security state assessment

Device Groups

Enterprises can group devices based on location.

Benefits of Esper Kiosk Management Solution

Configuring Devices to Run in Android Kiosk Mode
Find scalable solutions with Esper to help enterprises restrict applications on the kiosks. We give you everything you need to build a truly locked down Kiosk from the hardware level on up, and secure all of your Kiosk devices.
Remotely View and Control Kiosks
Lock, debug and manage from anywhere. Esper helps you remotely lock and wipe the data to secure your Kiosks from being compromised. You can also diagnose system failures without the risk of intrusions.
Customize Kiosks According to Your Needs
We make your work simple. Period. Esper allows you to easily integrate functionality into a new or existing Kiosk app that our team will design exclusively for your company’s or customer’s use.

Step-by-step process to build your Android apps in kiosk mode using Esper