Deploy - Manage - Monitor

Manage your Android device fleet effortlessly through Esper's intuitive cloud based platform.

Mobile & Tablet


Zero-touch Provisioning

Provision your devices simply by using QR code and NFC-based enrollment.

Remote Support

Get complete access to your devices: remotely view and control devices in the field.

Application Lockdown

Complete backend control which allows only admin-approved applications to be installed.

Device Monitoring

Individual device telemetry graphs such as Battery, Memory, Connectivity are available on a per device basis


Generate automated alerts when devices have security, battery and network issues.

Device Security State Assessment

Esper accesses OS, hardware and bootloader conditions to generate assessment.

Device Groups

Enterprises can group devices based on location, software version, hardware type and more.


Industry’s first full-stack solution for Kiosks. Dynamically lock down your kiosks and significantly improve operational efficiency and performance.


Android Device Management platform that helps retailers deploy, manage and monitor the modern retail experience through touch-enabled devices.

Remote Management

Seamlessly view, control and debug your devices remotely and reduce support costs by up to 30%.
Remote View
Remote Control
Remote Debug

Take control of your Android devices in less than 20 seconds

Esper Benefits

Run application deployment at scale

Deploy and manage your applications on your Android devices using fine-grained application rollout policies with automated rules.

Support costs drastically reduced

Instantly debug and update app and device issues through OTA, removing the need for site visits.

Field failures

Monitor your applications for field failures and trigger alerts easily, reducing device downtime and increasing performance.


Around-the-clock continuous deployment of applications and Android OS updates through automated scaling and rollbacks.

Test app-device compatibility with a custom emulator for your target device