Esper Manage enables enterprises to deploy, manage and monitor dedicated Android devices.

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Configure and deploy
Android Devices
Manage kiosk
Lock Devices in
Hardened Kiosk Mode
Remote debugging
Remote Control and
Remote Debugging
Alerts on Battery
and Connectivity

Key Features

Esper key features
Zero-touch enrollment
Esper cloud supports QR code and NFC basaed enrollment.
Remote Support
Esper cloud supports remote viewing and full control of devices deployed in the field.
Application Lockdown
Esper cloud restricts only applications approved by administrators to be installed on the device.
Device Monitoring
Individual device telemetry graphs such as Battery, Memory and Connectivity are available on a per device basis.
Device Groups
Enterprises can group devices based on location.
Device Alerts
Esper's cloud generates critical alerts when devices have security risks, if they go offline, or when the battery is in critical condition.
Device Security State Assessment
Esper accesses OS, hardware and bootloader conditions to generate a complete security state assessment.
Device Commands and Actions
Esper supports basic device commands such as reboot, ping, and erase to enable enterprises to manage their device fleet more effectively.


Kiosk Mode

Private App Storage

Device Groups

Device Actions

Device Feed

App Management

AFW - Android for Work

Unlimited Private App Store

Android Studio Plugin

Zero Touch & Bulk Enrollment

API Support

Remote View and Remote Control

Device Graphs

Graph various device behaviors, charging curves, data usage, and connectivity.


Generate alerts on battery, network, and other device parameters.

App Install Scheduler

Install apps on a time-based schedule.

Private Cloud

Virtual private cloud and data isolation from other enterprises managing their devices.

Device Security

Analyze devices for security vulnerabilities and suggest mitigation.


Deploy Android OS updates and security patches to keep the devices updated and secure.