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Esper’s device management console and powerful developer tools makes deploying Android rugged devices seamless and efficient.
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I'm putting tablets into 80,000 pound 18 wheelers that are out on the highway. One of my biggest fears is that a driver is going to be watching videos or playing games while driving in my equipment. I needed a way to lock my device down to where only my company's approved applications were being used.
Dan Locke
Director of Safety and Compliance
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Why Esper for Logistics & Transportation

Esper’s enterprise-ready cloud solution is committed to helping you achieve your vision for a modern, mobile-empowered warehouse and fleet.
Deploy anywhere
Unlock devices for the IT teams with no-touch deployment, updates, and debugging.
End-to-end visibility
Make data-driven decisions about devices, employees, and operations through device telemetry.
Secure devices
Flag stolen tablets via geolocation and lockdown or brick the device.
Cut down operations cost
Achieve 60% OpEx savings in deployment and management of rugged handheld devices.
Increase workforce productivity
Drive performance with intuitive touchscreen employee experiences by streamlining operations.

Reinvent Device Deployment with Esper

Unlock dynamic fleet management for smarter warehouse operations and devices in transit with Esper’s advanced features.
No-touch enrollment
Seamlessly enroll devices in bulk on the Esper console, without having to setup each device manually. Esper enables fast and secure Android deployments with just a few steps.
Kiosk mode
Ensure devices are used for business-first purposes by configuring or disabling apps whenever needed. Lock down devices in seconds to kiosk mode to limit usage to only ELD apps.
Geofence to secure devices
Track devices in real-time and set up a virtual fence to ensure the shipment is being transported as planned. Trigger alerts when devices go out of the allocated virtual fence via geolocation and take relevant actions.
Limit specific device usage
Set up specific compliance policies and device usage guidelines through Esper. Also optimize devices for low-bandwidth environments.
Remotely control and manage
Esper’s Enhanced Android devices help our customers to remotely deploy, manage, secure and debug devices in real-time.
Real-time alerts
Get custom device alerts in real time for device fleets. Identify inefficiencies and reduce delays within the supply chain by responding proactively through automated alerts.
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Esper’s cloud platform for Android DevOps is offered at a transparent, unbeatable price point which is backed by industry-leading options for customer support.
Enterprise pricing for unique fleet requirements, on-site deployment support, and other premium services are available on request.
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Suggested Hardware for Logistics and Transportation

Rugged Devices
Handheld Devices
Temperature Scanners
Esper can help transportation fleets, warehouses, and 3PL speed up mobile modernization with cost-effective hardware options. We offer a range of Android devices for industry use cases, including validated, enhanced and purpose-built hardware for logistics and transportion.
Powerful rugged Android device to redefine mobility.
Most reliable, ultra-rugged smartphone for smart communication.
Best in class push-to-talk design for industrial users.
Enterprise-ready rugged device that interchanges as voice comm device.
Powerful and versatile Tablet PC optimized for every aspect of business.
An all purpose enterprise-ready rugged device.
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