Esper Android Platform streamlines innovation for retailers

Esper’s powerful Android platform automates provisioning, configuring, deploying, and monitoring of your retail purpose-built Android devices. From a single pane of glass remotely manage your entire fleet and applications — allowing you to modernize your retail customers' experience.
Retail Store Point of Sale
Backend Operations
Customer Self-Service
Customer Engagement
In-store Promotions
Management Oversight
Shopping Carts
Inventory Management
Digital transformation in retail is a radical rethinking of how a retailer uses technology to pursue new and improved revenue streams and new business models.”
Joe Skorupa
Title Analyst

Adopt the Modern Retail Experience

Esper helps you adopt modern retail apps across your distributed fleet of cost-effective Android devices. Continuous deployment and continuous integration of new Android apps keep your customers’ experience fresh and engaging.
Works right out
of the box
No touch deployment accelerates device rollout without IT resources.
Keep your kiosks
Secure cloud tools protect public Android kiosks from tampering and misuse.
Create enriched customer
API access helps deliver exciting new user experiences without the fuss.
Lock down devices for
complete control
Geofencing can execute automated smart phone and tablet lockdown tampered with or stolen.
Faster value in
record time
Profiles, configurations, settings, etc., automatically load on boot-up for faster value in record time.
Line busting streamlines customer
ordering and checkout
Manage multiple devices (tablets, POS, kiosks) from a single platform- save time and increase customer satisfaction.
Seamless handoff-no
kitting required
Devices ship to location fully provisioned, eliminating any manual processing.
Ongoing enhancements and
increased growth opportunities
Continuous innovation and development keep devices up-to-date and provide new growth opportunities.
From Android smartphones to interactive displays, Esper dynamically provisions, deploys, and manages your end-to-end retail channel over the entire device lifecycle.

Why Esper Purpose-built Android Devices?

Esper Android platform streamlines innovation for retailers. From a single dashboard, manage all your retail devices like kiosks, point-of-sale, digital signage, and purpose-built hardware. Esper’s platform framework reduces costs through end-to-end, no-touch deployment.
Customized retail
Define approved apps, access to URLs, email settings, etc. for greater control of device use.
Esper validates, tests, and develops efficient workflows for software and hardware compatibility.
Protect all-important
customer data
Data at-rest or in-transit is encrypted from edge device to the cloud.
Real-time Telemetry
and reports
Track device use, apps, performance, and health from a single dashboard.
Increase operational efficiency
and decrease costs
Drop ship dedicated retail devices directly to location and deploy without IT resources support increased ROI.
Remote support and
If a device fails in the field, Esper’s secure, remote debugging resolves issues without an onsite tech.
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Esper’s cloud platform for Android platform is offered at a transparent, unbeatable price point which is backed by industry-leading options for customer support.
Enterprise pricing for unique fleet requirements, on-site deployment support, and other premium services are available on request.
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Suggested Hardware for the Retail Industry

Handheld Devices
POS and mPOS Devices
Digital Signage
Smart Boards
Rugged Devices and Scanners
Esper helps retailers deliver an innovative, cost-effective, flawless experience for your customers. We offer a range of Android devices for industry use cases, including validated, enhanced and purpose-built hardware for retailers, large and small. With Esper Enhanced Android, at boot up, Android Kiosk Mode is loaded for a fully managed experience.
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